The King Oyster mushroom (pleurotus eryngii) is considered the most delicious of the oyster mushroom varieties. This mushroom has thick flesh and is one of the largest in the genus pleurotus. It's easy to grow on most hardwoods and will grow on wheat straws as well. We recommend inoculating wheat straw with equal quantities of sawdust and grain spawn. Cultivated king oyster mushrooms grow larger then ones collected in nature.

Growth Paramters

Spawn run: 75°F (24°C), Humidity 90-95%, Time: 12-16 days; 

Primordia Formation: 50-60°F (10-15°C), Time: 4-5 days; 

Fruitbody Development: 60-70°F (20-30°C) Humidity 85-90% Time: 4-8 days

Fruiting Cycle: Two Crops 14 days apart

Currently we stock liquid culture syringes of oyster mushrooms from lab cultivated mushrooms.

King Oyster Mushroom Culture Syringe

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